A downloadable game for Windows

Mashed Asteroids with Breakout. Bounce the ball around with your paddle, while dodging the ball and asteroids. Try to hit the ball into asteroids to earn points and sometimes powerups!


Arrow keys for movement and space to launch the ball.


x2 - Gain double the points for 10 seconds. These stack.

+500 - Gain 500 points (Plus multiplier bonus)

[rectangle] - Makes your paddle bigger for 10 seconds.

[player shape] - Gain an extra life.

[dot shape] - Spawns an extra ball.

[half circle] - Makes your paddle sticky for the next ball collision. Press space to launch the ball.

Tools used:

Engine - LOVE2D

Sound - Bfxr

Font - kenpixel_square by kenney.nl




asteroid-ball-win32.zip 3 MB

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