Warp between sectors, clearing them of all pirate activity.

After clearing a sector, you'll gain a small upgrade to either damage, health, or fire rate, but the further you travel, the more pirates may appear!

w - throttle

a, d - yaw left/right

i, k - pitch down/up

j, l - roll left/right

space or ctrl  - fire lasers

tab or n - cycle to next available target

Once enemies have been identified, hit tab to target one of them. A cyan chevron will appear in the top of the screen that will point towards the target if they are off screen. Once you have gotten onto the tail of the target, a magenta circle will lead the target. Aim for that, as it shows where you need to shoot in order for the lasers to hit the target.

Source is available here https://github.com/wenright/CG...

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Made withUnity
Tags3D, cga, jam


space-combat.zip 13 MB

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